MISHAP #36, $2 or trade, 5 ½” x 14”, copied, 34 pgs.

The latest issue of Mishap has Ryan reflecting on the incredible series of events that came with Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. While this is a personal zine, it’s also political. The two mesh very well. I never felt as though I was being preached to or that Ryan was being heavy-handed in his writing. Sure, he’s liberal, but it’s stated in such a way as to express his thoughts and feelings rather than trying to convert anyone. In addition to his thoughts on the election, Ryan also has a great list of recommended books from 2016, his experiences with his sexuality, and a look at what men can do to stop rape culture. Sometimes I get zines to review that seem so short or without depth that I wonder, “Why did this even get made?” Mishap, however, has just the right amount of content that is also engaging and inviting. If you’re looking for a political punk perzine, here it is. –Kurt Morris (Mishap, PO Box 5841, Eugene, OR 97405)