MISHAP #35: CHITTERING MADNESS, $3 or trade, 5½” x 8½”, copied w/ color insert, 47 pgs.

Oct 05, 2016

Part travelogue, part birding manual, this zine had me thinking, “Should I get into bird watching?” Set in two trips, this issue of Mishap covers a couple’s love of bird watching across the North and Southwest. The first part focuses on Eugene, Ore. and several parks, preserves, and other bird-friendly areas. The second part of the zine recounts an anniversary trip for the couple to several parks across Utah and New Mexico. The author and his partner’s love and hobby of bird watching is infectious, to say the least. I found myself visualizing all the birds and beautiful landscapes they saw and visited. There are so many different types of birds the couple identifies across their two trips, and the middle of the zine features five gorgeously vivid photos of all the locations they went to during their anniversary trip. My only complaint is that I wanted photos of all the birds they saw, but I guess that just means I’ll need to pick up a book on birds and get out there to start identifying them myself! –Tricia Ramos (Mishap, PO Box 5841, Eugene, OR 97405, [email protected])