MIRACLE DRUG: Demo 2015: 7”

Aug 02, 2017

On first pass, I was stoked on Miracle Drug. Old school hardcore featuring ex-members of some great ‘90s bands, on a great label, what’s not to love? Digging into the lyrics though, I found the song “Foreign Exchange,” raised some red flags for me. Lyrics like, “I never wanted to admit that world peace can’t be done / but melting pots are myths, no mix, no matter how you stir / It’s sad to say that sometimes we just do not belong,” rubbed me the wrong way, and yeah bro, I get there’s a Cro-Mags reference in there. The song features further lines along the same vibe, and the message I gleaned from them killed anything good I felt about this. –Paul J. Comeau (Trip Machine, [email protected], tripmachinelabs.com)