MINOR LEAGUES #8, $8?, 9½” x 8½”, copied, 96 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

In the intro to this third installment of the long-form story Where?, Simon Moreton mentions that this issue is way different because it doesn’t use any words. This isn’t quite true—throughout, images of text messages, book pages, and captions are mixed in with Simon’s drawings. What Simon is saying, I think, is that he’s consciously stepped away from the sparse dialogue found in the previous two issues. Already, Minor Leagues was one of the best zines out there, especially since this long-form story reflecting on the ways that family are tied to geography started. With this issue, Simon has pushed himself even further out there than before. His style of drawing has always glanced rather than stared at its subjects, and here the ephemera introduced through the texts and pages results in an even more feverish dreamscape than before. It’s great to see Moreton challenge himself not to repeat previous tricks—even more great because his risks pay off. Seriously, get on board if you’re not already: Minor Leagues is consistently innovative and rewarding. –Michael T. Fournier (smoo.bigcartel.com)