MINOR LEAGUES #8, £6, 8¼” x 9”, 100 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

This issue encompasses part three of an ongoing four-part story called Where?. Having not read parts one or two, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have any idea what I was looking at, but author Simon Moreton helpfully pointed out in the intro that may very well be the case, even if one had read the other issues, because this one takes on a different format consisting nearly completely of illustrations. There are some photocopied book entries, mostly about the English hamlets, and some text message excerpts, but after a few pages I was able to take off running. This is a memory piece of what I presume are bits of the author’s childhood growing up in the English countryside. The drawings are interspersed with some photos and text-based scans every so often, but this is essentially an idyllic, mood-based comic done in a style somewhere between expressionism and cubism with bits of mixed media hinting at a type of narrative collage. This is a breezy read, given its length, and if there’s any real criticism on my part, it’s that some of the original illustrations seem like they might be well served by better reproductions in color, as they really are quite well done in their minimalist style. –Adrian Salas (Simon Moreton, smoo.bigcartel.com, [email protected])