MINOR LEAGUES #4, 3 £, 6” x 8½”, copied, 80 pgs.

Mar 28, 2018

It’s not often a zine with liner notes comes across my desk, but the fourth issue of Minor Leagues spares no expense. This is a gorgeous issue, with photos, prose, and cartoons so wispy that they gesture rather than point, providing the barest skeleton onto which readers are welcome to graft their own experiences or emotions. Lots of narrative here, relating experiences of youth, but lots of impressions, too: really poetic in presentation even if there’s no poetry to be found therein. If you like, reread it with the aforementioned notes, which pinpoint the happenings and make for an entirely different second pass. A complete joy, and one I look forward to seeing more of.  –Michael T. Fournier (smoo.bigcartel.com)