MINOR LEAGUES #3, $5, 7” x 9”, 62 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

Simon Moreton’s latest comic zine from Bristol, England deals with the death of his father, which, as far as a stranger’s loss goes, is meaningfully rendered with a lot of textless panels: illustrations of the author going through his day, sort of bewildered and silenced by grief. You walk through the world, but you can’t say you’re as in it as the people around you. Moreton’s slow pacing and spare illustrations are beautiful. I keep looking at them and wondering, how did he make that picture of a cityscape with so few lines? How’d I know that’s a picture of him in bed when there are so few details? The content is pretty heavy, but that’s life, and I’d gladly read Minor Leagues regardless of topic. Check it out if you’re at all into good perzines and autobiographical comics. –Jim Joyce (smoo-comics.com