MINOR LEAGUES #11, £4, 6” x 9”, copied, 68 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

An issue of Simon’s fanzine was the first piece of mail I received at my new house a few years back. After that, new releases arrived like clockwork, until recently, when Simon wrapped his multi-issue Where?, an arc about identity, loss, death, and geography (which has been published as a book I haven’t gotten ahold of yet). I think I started to take Simon’s stuff, always dazzling, for granted because it arrived with such regularity. After a pandemic-induced break, Simon is back with another fantastic issue, further cementing Minor Leagues’ must-read status. This one feels a little more prose-heavy than previous issues, with vignettes and ruminations on the pandemic juxtaposed with Simon’s impressionistic cartooning and found images to produce unexpected connections. Minor Leagues is always inviting and fantastic despite (or perhaps because of) its deep individuality—no other zine does what this one does. Its specific vernacular sets it apart from the rest, not like “fuck you if you don’t get my thing” mold, but instead in a “this is what I do and cheers if it’s for you” mold. –Michael T. Fournier (smoo.bigcartel.com)

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