MINIMUM RAGE: Discography: LP

May 15, 2023

I’m not clear on whether or not Saint Augustine’s Minimum Rage is still active, but this LP catalogs all of their recordings to date. The hype sticker on the sleeve says that they’re a band “for fans of Circle Jerks, Peavey Electronics, and Busch Light,” which doesn’t seem too far from the truth. Old school musically, they’re into clever song titling, with tracks like “Alt Right Delete” and “KKK9 Kops” having an almost Adrenaline O.D. vibe. Ashtray Monument, a Buffalo, N.Y. label with a cool Jawbreaker tribute name, delivers on the packaging, which includes a sturdy cardstock lyric sheet to add to the fun. –Art Ettinger (Ashtray Monument,

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