Sep 20, 2017

Second album of this instrumental project by Peter Prescott. I classify it as such because he plays all the instruments in the studio. Live, the sound is fleshed out by Keith Seidel on drums and Eric Baylies on bass. But on this record we are treated to an experimental and other-worldly collage of sounds. Definitely not punk, but the flow will pull you in slowly and gently. There are loops and samples, but they don’t overpower the songs. “Oily Morning Paper” and “I Buy Junk Gold” are ones I keep coming back to with the needle. “Bubblegum Disaster” tricks you into thinking it may just be a run-of-the-mill rock song. Then the vocals kick in and blast off to Saturn. Lead vocals? Catchy choruses? Not here. But drone-like excursions that don’t require any chemicals to enjoy? Come inside—it is waiting for you. –Sean Koepenick (Presco, [email protected])