Mar 20, 2018

It is always a good day when a new Mind Spiders album arrives. You always think you know what to expect, but they constantly deliver a slightly new evolution that you didn’t see coming but embrace instantly. Furies finds Mind Spiders at their most synth, which is due to, in no small part, their rhythm section. The combination of programming the bass lines and the blending of electronic drums with live hardware makes the album more cybernetic then previous outings. I am sure the label of “synth punk” has been bandied around many times in the past, but this record is the first time that it may truly apply. The songs are raw and in your face yet beautiful and bleak. Precise aggression. In five albums, Mind Spiders have gone from contacting earth, to studying its behaviors, to assimilating us, to recreating us in their own image. Furies is the vision of their new, post human home world. We are all Mind Spiders. –Ty Stranglehold (Dirtnap)