MILLENNIAL FALCON: Sativa Chemtrails + Babyteeth: CD

May 27, 2020

This is a comic and the album. My review of the comic is: Text-dense humor that’s afraid to let the art breathe. I have no idea what bonus the lore would add to my appreciation of the music. My review of the album is: Relatively varied music that manages to balance a sloppy punk feel. It spans genres and refuses to be categorized. This is punk more in energy than in sound. It reminds me of bedroom pop but I’m pretty sure there’s more than just one musician here. It wildly reminds me of Cake, All, and generally approaches pop music with the wild abandon of ’90s dance rock fusion. There’s a looseness and experimentation here that’s interesting almost always, and listenable three times out of five. –Gwen Static (Self-released)