MILITANT BABIES: Roadside Tapestry: LP

May 31, 2017

One of those deals where the band is very self-aware, undoubtedly excellent musicians, and maybe thinks their jokes are just a liiiiittle bit funnier than they actually are. In this case, the noise that the Austin, Texas three-piece Militant Babies is kicking out is a mostly uptempo mixture of bar rock that occasions into more noodling, weird shit like Victims Family or even, dare I say it, the B-52’s. (I mean, tell me that the dude in “Where Did You Go?” doesn’t sound like he’s doing a decent Fred Schneider impersonation.) Crazy, eye-watering album art and catchy-enough songs that seem pretty fun and good-natured. Not particularly barbed or fierce stuff, but I could picture these guys playing at Kenton Club in Portland and making all of the regulars dance their asses off. –Keith Rosson (Australian Cattle God)