MIKE WATT & THE BOBBLYMEN: Surfin’ with the Claus: 7”

Jan 24, 2024

Watt and cohorts throw their hat into the “holiday hits” ring with a brilliant take on the Urinals’ “Surfin’ with the Shah” reimagined as a festive Yule jam, complete with a mid-section breakdown comprised of snippets of other caroling standards. The flip is a spirited cover of “The Gloucestershire Wassail,” an English carol dating back at least three hundred years (total aside: just looked up “wassailing” ’cause I had no idea what it meant. Very interesting history, that tradition… and that counts as the “cool new thing I learned today”). As can be expected given who’s involved, this is a great single sure to make even the most harrumphy humbuggers jocund. –Jimmy Alvarado (Red Parakeet, redparakeet.bandcamp.com)

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