Midnite Snaxxx continues to be the warm T-shirt you can put on since the day of The Bobbyteens seems to have passed. Chew on This contains thirteen well-crafted, snotty blasts of three-chord rock utilizing proper Ramones pop sensibilities. Theirs is a car that careens out of control on the three-chord highway. “All Fall Down” is a good example of the bass-punching melodies through overdriven pop riffs. But the more root rock-inspired riffs kick ass as well. The subject matter is the usual rumination on teenage angst that you are either currently experiencing or looking back on, ranging from “I’ve Been a Jerk” to “Quit Being a Dick.” “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.”–Billups Allen (Pelican Pow Wow, pelicanpowwow.com)