MIDNIGHT RERUNS: Spectator Sports: LP

Sep 20, 2017

Midnight Reruns fits somewhere on the shelf between fellow Midwesterners Tenement and Purple 7. They share the inventiveness and slacker attitude of the former, and the heartfelt indie pop sensibilities of the latter; however, Midnight Reruns melds their influences into something inspired. Songs like “Hold Up the Mirror,” “Cicada 3301,” “Birthmarks/Fingerprints,” and “Warm Days” boast infectious vocal melodies, original guitar licks, and enough twist and turns to ward off tedium. Sadly, the two instrumentals (“Celebrity Lawyers” and “Concourse C”) feel like padding—no album honestly needs two instrumentals. With some trimming and a few more choice cuts, Spectator Sports could have been a truly standout LP, though the hits make up for most of the shortcomings. –Sean Arenas (Dusty Medical, dustymedical.com)