MIDLIFE CRISIS ERA HC, ?, 8½” x 11”, offset, 36 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

I was balls-out nutty for hardcore starting in 1981. By 1984, my interest was waning; by 1986, it was completely extinguished. Yet, despite almost thirty-five straight years of neglect, I still feel hardcore is kind of my baby. Granted, it’s a baby that I abandoned when it was in kindergarten, but I still feel it’s got a speck of my DNA rattling around in there somewhere and I still like to see what it’s up to every now and again. Daragh from Midlife Crisis Era HC, however—an Ontario schoolteacher in his late forties—is a disciple who never strayed from the flock, and remains, in his own words, “a proud lifelong fan of what is ultimately a fairly mediocre genre of music.” His cerebral, impeccably-thought-out approach to interviewing hardcore bands reads like it was written by Mike Faloon in spiked wristbands, occasionally leading to unintentionally amusing exchanges such as this: (DARAGH) “With the lyrics on the 7”, like ‘What Is This Hell?’, at first glance you look at the translation of that lyric and it could almost be standard D-beat fare with images of children’s bodies on the beaches and what not, but singing them in Arabic and the artwork and everything it adds this other layer and this other context to things... do you think that punk lyrics risk trivializing these sorts of situations around the world?” (BAND) “Yes, for sure.” This issue features lengthy interviews with Haram (a New York hardcore band who sing in Arabic), Forward (from Japan), and France’s Gasmask Terror, complete with footnotes. I don’t know that I’m more into this music now than I was yesterday, but this zine is rad as hell. –Rev. Nørb ([email protected])

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