With former members of Flipper and Fang to name a couple, this band knows what they’re doing. The eight song release heads straight to toolbox of ’80s West Coast punk. Bands that instantly come to mind are The Avengers and Adolescents. No gang vocals like the latter comparison, but catchy as hell melodies all the same. If it wasn’t already clear by the title and band name, this is a queercore group. I don’t love the lyrics all the time—the graphic nature and disregard for safe sex of “SoDoMe” is the one that mostly comes to mind, though I do love the play on words they did with the song title. I don’t care that there’s a song about anal sex—that’s not what bothers me. I just don’t enjoy listening to songs that go into such detail about fucking. Then there’s songs like “Bike Cock” which chants “Fuck that cock / Get it out of my face” and then right into “If you ride a bike you’ll ride a dick” and I’m left a bit confused about who the target audience for this is. Straight men who are homophobic? Finally there’s their “Theme Song” which hammers in “We are the queers / The Middle-Aged Queers / We’re the fucking queers / Go fuck yourself.” Very succinct and to the point. Musically they’re super catchy and should be played loud while dancing along. The songs themselves are great and I’m glad there’s a queercore band of seasoned musicians letting it all hang out. Plus there’s a song about Frankenstein that’s really rad. –Kayla Greet (Sell The Heart / Outpunx)