MICK’S JAGUAR: Salvation: LP

Mar 10, 2023

A rock band with all the right influences, some skills, and a terrible name! Mining the great rock bands of the ’70s while definitely aware of the NYC punk scene of the same era, this record has some rockin’ entertainment value, if nothing else. The best moments are when they’re channeling the big, dumb, tongue-in-cheek rock’n’roll of The Dictators, as the lyrics here certainly don’t approach the Lynott or Scott level of wordplay and charm. A new generation of great rock’n’roll bands is definitely needed as the likes of the great Supersuckers and Hellacopters are past their prime. Mick’s (really?) Jaguar aren’t quite that band… at least not yet. –Chad Williams (Tee Pee, teepeerecords.com / Totem Cat, totemcatrecords.bigcartel.com)

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