MICK TROUBLE: Here’s the…: LP

Imagine Airfix Kits or Giant Haystacks without Allan’s raw Scots accent. Jangly guitars and pithy lyrics about England being shit, there’s plenty of Television Personalities and Wedding Present to keep the indie poppers happy but enough toughness for the punkers. This would fit snugly in a late-’80s John Peel show (if you don’t know, go and Google it nerds). It’s slightly morose in an anorak in the rain waiting for the train that isn’t coming way, but the double time strumming and the slight optimism in the vocals don’t make me want to cry. Punk? I don’t think so. Think U.K. C86 and the wonderful sounds that shaped our summer nights down the park with cheap Moroccan hashish, a two-liter of cider and a tape player. Fans of Martha, Haystacks, Neutrals et al. take note. Super fun in a sad shit Northern Council Estate way. Love. –Tim Brooks (Emotional Response)