MICHAEL BEACH: Dream Violence: LP

Jul 20, 2021

If you like your classic rock with a jittery dose of bad vibes, you’re gonna need this record from Australian singer-songwriter Michael Beach. Beach is in the garage scene, and I could see him setting the mood on a show with Thee Oh Sees, or rocking a little too hard for Kurt Vile’s crowd. Dream Violence cycles through anxious ’70s hippie comedown music, with a shambolic almost Hawkwindish opening, moving into a doomy and, dare I say “Doors-y” moment, then some snide, Velvets-style rockers before ending on a couple of fragile, Neil Young-ish piano ballads. While it’s easy to play “spot the influence,” Beach’s doomsday outlook holds the record together well and makes for a compelling, haunting listen. –Chris Terry (Goner)

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