Jan 30, 2019

It’s easily been fifteen years since I first saw mewithoutYou. Over the course of those years the band has gone from an emo-hardcore band to a folk-influenced act, and everything in between. I’ve found their albums to be real hit and miss, but always enjoyed their heavier, more aggressive work. [Untitled] is, I’m happy to say, much more up my alley. While mewithoutYou went with the same producer (Will Yip) as their last album, the sound seems to have amped up and become the fullest example of who the band is. Aaron Weiss’s warbled spoken word vocals occasionally explode into screams. The music is jangly at times, but heads more into chugging guitars and pounding beats more often than not. There are slow moments, but on the whole mewithoutYou does their best work when they channel Fugazi, and they certainly do that here. If you haven’t listened to this band before but miss Fugazi and enjoy talented, angular rock music that gives you occasional goosebumps (it’s asking a lot, I know), then start here. You won’t be disappointed. –Kurt Morris (Run For Cover,