METHMATICS: Self-titled: LP

MethMatics are from Columbus and play early Dead Boys-inspired ’77 punk. There were a lot of bands trying to emulate that sound in the 1990s, but it ended up feeling like a bit of a fad. There aren’t as many groups playing this style these days, and it’s oddly refreshing to check out a new slab of vinyl from a pack of purists. There’s a bar band vibe inherent with these tropes, but MethMatics seem to be having enough fun with it that it doesn’t feel too manufactured. They’re also keen on playing with fabulous early punk notions of gender fluidity, proudly part of a scene that has always been ahead of the curve, at least on paper. Reminiscent of Detroit’s Trash Brats, in all of the best ways. MethMatics rule! –Art Ettinger (Self-released,