METAYOUTH: Self-titled: CD

May 23, 2018

Fuzzy, noisy bedroom pop that draws as much from ‘90s emo and pop punk bands as it does from experimental post-rock. The handful of extended instrumental parts sprinkled throughout the album build into triumphant wall-of-sound swells, dreamy as anything, but then how about those Blink-182 “na na na”s? There are probably some synths buried in here, or maybe the guitars are just that fucked up and fuzzed out. Who can say for sure? The straight-up poppy jams are similar in vibe to early Cloud Nothings, but more bummed out and blurry—it definitely works for them. I wanna hear “Pool” at the emotional crescendo of a lo-fi short film, probably with a kid riding a bike on the outskirts of a suburban neighborhood, or something to that effect. –Indiana Laub (Self-released,