MESS: Tree: CS

Jul 25, 2018

Baltimore’s Mess kick things off with “Lean,” a song that starts fairly robust and forward with a heavy drum but does get slimmer and calmer in the middle before wrapping up on a screamalong and crashing cymbals note that reminds me of Desaparecidos. Mess is not bad by any means, but they don’t seem to know if they want to be loud or quiet, nor do they follow the loud quiet loud formula that is supposed to help you solve your indecisiveness without confusing your listener. I admit it, I am a little confused but I’m not mad about it. This confusion is most evident in track two, the almost six-minute-long “Blossom.” If you are feeling erratic, that’s the perfect mood for Mess. I do hope they eventually put down more solid roots and pull out some others because right now I can’t see any individual tree for the forest. –Nicole X (Self-released,