MESA LANES: Red Wine & Yellow Pills: LP

Dodge Dart was one of the first bands I fell in love with due to reviewing their record, way back in my first year at Punk Planet in 1999. Hailing from Costa Mesa, they blew me away with their hilarious, vibrant take on pop punk. Years later, they returned with a second album in 2014, another instant classic with several songs that became staples in my daily playlists. Subsequently finalizing a new lineup, they changed their name to Mesa Lanes and released a fabulous full-length in 2017. Mesa Lanes is back with this new release, comprised solely of re-recorded Dodge Dart songs, updated by the kick-ass current lineup. Some of these songs date way back to the 1990s and they’re more than worthy of contemporary updates. It’s available in at least five distinct versions on vinyl, as well as on CD. I dream of a day where the world appreciates this band’s brilliance as much as I do. One of the finest albums of 2020; anyone into catchy pop punk will adore Red Wine & Yellow Pills. –Art Ettinger (Hostage)