MESA LANES: 3 and Out: LP

Jul 20, 2022

On the long list of facts notable about Costa Mesa’s Dodge Dart is that they were one of the first bands that I fell in love with due to reviewing them, way back in my first year at Punk Planet in 1999. Dodge Dart returned with a second album in 2014 before changing their name to Mesa Lanes and releasing fabulous full-lengths in 2017 and 2020. Their brand of pop punk is distinguished by Nicky Sjobeck’s superlative vocal styles, which range from a sweet Lance Hahn timber to a slight growl. Sjobeck’s daughter Audrey sang a bit on their last release, but on this one, she’s the main singer, with dad taking the back seat except for on the tracks he fronts. Audrey Sjobeck’s range is clear given that she’s able to adapt to the edginess of Mesa Lanes as opposed to the lighter sweetness used in the vocals on her debut solo record, also reviewed in this issue. Hopefully the title 3 and Out isn’t literal because the world needs more Mesa Lanes! –Art Ettinger (Hostage,

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