MERCURY TALES: Dimanche Violence: CD

Aug 02, 2017

Released as a tape in Europe, I was immediately hooked on Mercury Tales’ fast, jangly riffs. The band’s second release following a demo, the five tracks on Dimanche Violence are dark, reverb-y, and hauntingly beautiful. Singer Doris’s ethereal sing-spoken—occasionally screamed—vocals and her poetic lyrics were a perfect match for the band’s sound. Themes of fading youth in the track “You’re a Ghost,” and complex emotions revolving around female sexuality in the track “Pretty Legs,” bring an added level of emotional depth to an already emotionally evocative band. The release comes with a black and white photocopied zine featuring lyrics, photos, and art. Halfway through the year at this writing, Dimanche Violence is already on my shortlist as a contender for top releases this year. –Paul J. Comeau (