MERCENARY: Demos Collection: LP

May 24, 2022

Equally lawless and precise, these tracks have that masterful quality where it feels like a blur but you know the players are hitting their marks one hundred percent of the time. Delivering the Southeast U.S. d-beat-hardcore-punk goodness well into the red but it doesn’t peak out into complete noize. Blaring out your stereo speakers like a figure skater bringing a backboard-crashing slam dunk. Glass falls to the ice in silence. The away team shuffles off the court in shame. Nothing but grace and violence. For everyone who missed this band the first time around—definitely me—here’s your chance to pick up the brief yet effective discography in one place. Re-mastered for maximum punishment. This release is also in memory of the vocalist, Ruby, who left this earthly plane far too young. Here’s one that wont be forgotten anytime soon; an absolute scorcher. –Daryl (Beach Impediment)