MENTAL FIX: Bricolage: CS

Nov 26, 2018

Mental Fix, from the unlikeliest of places (Montreal), attempt to resurrect the sleeping ghost of Orgcore which once ruled the land from Gainesville to Pomona and everywhere in between. Although self-described as “crustpop,” Mental Fix are nowhere near Amebix and more akin to Tiltwheel, The Tim Version, and just about any other band that plays the Fest on the regular. I personally liked Tiltwheel just fine but never quite got down with this style mainly because I felt all the bands aped each other really hard to where I couldn’t tell if it was a joke that I wasn’t getting. Mental Fix are fine at what they do but they don’t bring much variance to the dance—and in many ways can sound as dated as the messenger caps and flannels that no one wears anymore these days. –Juan Espinosa (Too Many Notes,


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