MELT GIRL, 5½” x 8½”, offset, 12 pgs.

Feb 13, 2020

What you get here are three horror stories of what Steven King would call the gross-out variety (and without judgment). The first story, “Melt Girl,”is about a girl who regularly melts into sloppy goo navigating the dating world. The ending surprised me. “Necksnapper”is about a woman killing a bunch of crows for a fetish porn shoot. I know horror is, at the very least, supposed to make you uncomfortable to be successful, but I’m a big fan of crows so, fuck that! “T-shirt Pants”was about a serial killer who keeps the T-shirts of the people he kills in his pants until the tables are turned on him. It should be noted that the author Emma Alice Johnson is a bit of a pro and the winner of the Wonderland Book Award. –Craven Rock (