MEET YOUR DEATH: Self-titled: LP

Nov 28, 2016

This is a blues band, and this is a blues record. This is not a “blues festival” band. You will not see these mofos down at the waterfront on a sunny day while you sip on a nine-dollar IPA and the Croc-wearing guy in front of you hoists his toddler on his back and blocks your view. This is crazed, menacing, straight-up bananas stuff, with a pedigree here that includes stints in bands such as the Gories, Jack O’Fire, the Oblivians. This shit is soulful, inherently damaged, dirty as hell. Searing guitar lines, dark graveyard stomps, wailing harmonica. It’s seriously so good. I’m the furthest thing from a blues aficionado but I can tell when a band’s going for the throat, and holy god these guys are not fucking around. You take your kid to a blues festival that Meet Your Death’s playing, the little jerk’s gonna walk out of there with devil horns and a stick knife in his pocket. Unrelenting, utterly convincing, highly recommended. –Keith Rosson (12XU)