MEDICINE DOLLS, THE: Filth and Wisdom: CD/CS

Mar 17, 2021

This did nothing for me on my first few listens. I found much of it annoying and really could not get on board with the covers of songs by Talking Heads and The B-52’s. Having given myself a week or so away from the album I returned with much trepidation ahead of writing this review. I have no idea what happened in that time but I now found myself quite enjoying the surf/garage rock that this South African outfit were offering up. There’s an element of The Cramps in what is being done and there are some eminently catchy tunes to be found, with “Danger! Danger! Disco!” standing head and shoulders above the rest. Even the covers of “Psycho Killer” and “Rock Lobster” sit more easily with me now. –Rich Cocksedge (Just Music, [email protected],