MEAN JEANS: “Night Vision” b/w “Now I Wanna Be Yr Dogg,” “69 Tears”: 7”

Aug 25, 2016

Said it before and I’ll say it again, while not completely derivative of the Ramones, Mean Jeans are the band that I think Joey and the gang would be playing in if they were still around today. These three tracks are the precursor to their first Fat full length, Tight New Dimension (full disclosure, I did just interview them about this for New Noise magazine). This band out of Portland, Ore. has never operated in an expected fashion, and their signing to Fat came about with just a simple email to the label. This carries through to the packaging, which is only a 7”, small lyric sheet, and a cardboard sleeve. All the rest of the effort is shoved into the grooves of this record. “Now I Wanna Be Yr Dogg” is an exclusive, sandwiched between songs from the LP, and while the title is reminiscent of The Stooges, that’s the only thing the two have in common. It’s a speedy, power pop anthem with backing vocals and an undulating cadence, sprinkled with a sweet solo in the middle. Every song is emblematic of being young, eating pizza, drinking, and pogoing. A surefire dance record. –Kayla Greet (Fat Wreck)