MEAN JEANS: Gigantic Sike: CD

Dec 06, 2019

Mean Jeans is a band known for partying, and Ramones influence done the right way. I saw them the night before Gigantic Sike came out, bought the LP, and have had it on repeat since before it was sent out to review. Gigantic Sike is the follow-up to 2018’s Jingles Collection, and theeleven-song track listing flows so well into one another, with strong doses of catchy melodies, buzzsaw guitar riffs, and really great drums. The first single/opening song is “Party Line,” a song about past wild nights, and a great jingle for lead singer/guitarist Billy Jeans’s number. He sings about no one calling on the party line, and that he is standing by to hangout and have a good time. “Basement Animal” is one of my favorite tracks, along with “Stuck in a Head,” “What the Fuck Is Up Tonight?,” “Turning Green,” and “Time Warp.” The songs range from talk about partying, to turning green from drinking antifreeze, planning for the future, and looking back on everything you’ve done, mistakes and all, and wanting to start over again. Ding dang dude, this album is so good. –Cynthia Pinedo (Fat Wreck Chords)