MDC: Millions of Damn Christians: LP

Aug 25, 2016

Yet another crucial Beer City re-issue of a bygone classic. Listen, do I need every MDC LP from the last thirty years? No. Do I need to go see the scab MDC play in Oakland in 2016? No. Am I happy that one of the more crucial political hardcore bands of the last thirty years is still active and still playing parties and backyards? Yes. This LP is their third and the last I actively listened to. It fully holds up some twenty-eight years later—fierce, breakneck hardcore chock full of anti-religious, anti-state, and anti-police rhetoric—definite stable mates to the Dead Kennedys et al of the day. Back in the late ‘80s, I had Millions Of Dead Cops on the back of my studded jacket in rural England and that caused a stir. Imagine that shit in Reagan-era America?! Yikes (the track “Bye Bye Ronnie” is a personal fave). Along with the recent reissues of their first LP and the Smoke Signals LP, this is a crucial addition to your collection if you aren’t old as fuck and bought it back in the day like me. Must have. –Tim Brooks (Beer City,

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