MDC: Metal Devil Cokes: LP

Sep 22, 2016

When I was a teenager thirty years ago MDC were one of my favorite bands. I would buy up any record they put out and know the lyrics to the record back to front within a week. Their first is their best, but the subsequent outings still had their moments. For some reason, I never bought Metal Devil Cokes when it was first released. Friends had it, and I would listen and listen, waiting for the moment where I would go, “Oh yeah, everything is still awesome in the land of hardcore.” But it never really clicked. Lyrically it’s still MDC, though not as consistently strong and the playing is less focused and less fired up. Some of the songs run way too long and sound like they begin to wander, like “Three Blind Mice,” (which could be a really great song if they edited it down a bit) and the title track, as a couple of examples. There are some decent songs on here, like “Dirty Harry for President,” “I Was a Dupe for the RCP,” “Snuffed Out,” and “Deep in the Heart (of Racist Amerikkka)” (a song that’s very relevant today). Definitely not their best, but it has its moments. This one is for completists and those out there who will take the time and let it grow on them. –Matt Average (Beer City,