MDC: Magnus Dominus Corpus: LP

Nov 22, 2017

What can I say about MDC that hasn’t been said before? Magnus Dominus Corpus, originally released in 2004, is maybe the most 2004 album ever released. It drags George W. and Good Charlotte, as well as war, capitalism, Nazis, global warming, founding fathers, and cops with a tongue and cheek sneer that only Dave Dictor can pull off. Beer City re-released this for Record Store Day 2017, beefing up the original recordings, promising a “louder, better sound than ever before.” Is it louder and better? Who knows? But given our political moment, it feels like a timely rerelease. Only 1,100 of these puppies were pressed, so if you slept on it you’re probably not getting it. –Candace Hansen (Beer City)