MCRACKINS: Raiding the Hen House: CD

Mar 15, 2022

I recently sung the praises of the return of Mutant Pop in these pages. The majority of the best 1990s pop punk bands released material on the legendary label, including Sicko, Connie Dungs, and After School Special. Mutant Pop is back in full swing, pumping out their signature format from the tail end of their heyday, short run CDs, which are CD-Rs with fancy packaging and liner notes. McRackins are a grossly overlooked act from Vancouver. Around since 1994, they have over ninety releases so far on over sixty labels. This new one is a collection of eight tracks from old split 7”s and CD splits, along with one previously unreleased track. A less dopey version of The Queers, their lyrics are usually formatted like Ramones songs, with titles like “Joey’s Got a Yo-Yo,” and “She’s So Hostile.” Absolutely essential for those into catchy 1990s-styled pop punk, Raiding the Hen House is one of the best of the new Mutant Pop gems, and that’s saying a lot since there hasn’t been a dud in the batch. –Art Ettinger (Mutant Pop)