MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL #432, $4.99, 8½” x 11”, newsprint, 160 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

It’s the final print issue of MRR. I’ll try to save my editorializing to a minimum, but I think it’d be lame not to mention the undeniable impact MRR has had on punk culture since its inception in 1982 (and as a radio show before that). As an older punk who navigated all this stuff pre-internet, MRR was an invaluable lifeline and absolutely formative in my understanding of punk, politics, and DIY culture. Throughout the decades, the zine could be riveting, and holier than thou, and compelling, and bighearted, and reactionary, and snobby, and well intentioned and moving. It was always informative, and always the sum of its parts; hundreds of people all tackling something together. Times change, and the print world has changed dramatically with it. Whether it’s a big deal or not that MRR is done is up to you. I know I’ll miss it, but I’m also profoundly grateful for the connections and knowledge it provided me as a young kid trying to figure stuff out. This final issue features interviews with Winston Smith(!), Apsurd, Provoke, Bush Tetras, the Toronto record store Faith/Void, and tons more. Plus photo spreads, international scene reports, columns, ads, and allll those reviews. It’s fitting too that designer Martin Sprouse, the cover artist for MRR #1, does the cover for this final issue as well. See ya around, MRR, it’s been real. –Keith Rosson (Maximum Rock’n’roll, PO Box 3852, SF, CA 94609)