MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #428, $4.99, 8½” x 11½”, newsprint, 111 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

Issue #428 features Singapore’s Sial on the cover, and their interview touches a bit on the Singaporean punk scene. This issue also has a great feature on Black and Brown Punk Fest TX, written by co-organizer Daisy Salinas. The letters section features a letter by Daniel Becker about the unjustified boycott of Israeli punks in MRR, and how not many folks in Israel want to contribute content for MRR anymore. Becker was approached to contribute an Israeli scene report and it caused a lot of frustration for him. Vicky Cassis (the distro coordinator) and MRR replied with an apology, and reviewer Ramy Silyan explains how behind closed doors, Becker decided to not print the story and spread false information about the mag. Ramy opens up the mail to other international punks who feel frustrated in their situations to speak out, and decolonize punk. This issue also contains an interview between Jonny of Jonny Cat Records, and Mark from TKO Records about how their record labels came to be, numerous band interviews, a feature on This Is Austin, Not That Great, and a Belgium scene report. ­As you may have heard, MRR is ceasing physical printing of their magazine in 2019 after thirty-seven years, so this issue is one of the last few to be printed. Be sure to pick it up, and read the double #427/428 issue!  –Cynthia Pinedo (Maximum Rocknroll,