MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #413, $4.99, 8½” x 11½”, newsprint, 104 pgs.

Jan 31, 2018

I wonder what MRR’s place is in the punk scene these days. Is it still the so-called “bible of punk” in the age of Vice, Cult Nation, and Pitchfork? I used to think that punk would crumble if MRR folded, but anymore it seems like the mag is a calcified relic looking to maintain its usefulness and fading influence on a scene that no longer is itself what it used to be. The layouts are uninspired, the columns are, well, the columns (someone is still complaining about Pork magazine, low hanging fruit), then there are the interviews with Fury, Los Impuestos (vapid dude talk), Nofu, Macho Boys, horror film makers Monika Estrella Negra and Michelle Garza Cervera, and the most interesting of the issue, Amy Starecheski, author of Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City. –Matt Average (Maximum Rocknroll, PO Box 460760, SF, CA 94146-0760,