MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: #407, $4.99, 5½” x 8½”, newsprint, 102 pgs.

May 31, 2017

Of course, most of the columns in here are about the Trump regime and intellectually or emotionally resisting fascism.  Just about everybody wants to write about Trump and I’m fine with that. I was partial to Felix Havoc’s column because he gives us historical examples of resistance to Nazis and the KKK. And, yes, MRR, condones punching Nazis. As usual, the columns that turn into talking about bands in a zine filled with interviews with bands and reviews of bands becomes painfully tedious, but I, otherwise, found a lot to like. This issue also has interviews with bands, a couple being Brazil’s Futuro, Poland’s Ohyda, and a Generacion Suicida tour diary. Per usual, it also has the insecure reviewer chomping at the bit to find something wrong with Razorcake. This time among other inaccurate and desperate jabs at stuff like the quality of our photographs, and not having enough columns (?), the woke reviewer calls out Art Fuentes for his comic with “liberal clichés about the ‘progress of the last eight years,’ neglecting to note the horrors that white supremacist capitalism has waged on most of the world for the past five hundred-plus years, up to and including the past eight.” Kind of a lot to put in a four-panel comic isn’t it? –Craven Rock (Maximum Rock’n’Roll, PO Box 460760, SF, CA, 94146,