MAURA WEAVER: I Was Due for a Heartbreak: LP

Mar 19, 2024

Maura Weaver knows where her strength lies. The singer/songwriter formerly of Mixtapes never shies away from relatable, heart-wrenching lyrics and she isn’t afraid to let her own emotions filter through her performances. I Was Due for a Heartbreak gives us all of the elements that we expect from Weaver but that’s where the comparison to her other projects end. This LP has a dreamy, pop quality to it that complements Weaver’s crooning pretty perfectly. It is both retro and modern in sound, featuring twangy steel guitar and haunting Farfisa organ (I had to google it) sounds underneath Weaver’s whispering warble. The intimacy of Weaver’s vocals makes the listener think this album is only for them, a secret shared between friends. The poignant instrumentals are both comfortable and thought-provoking. Weaver would not be out of place on tour with boygenius or playing in a friends’ living room. I Was Due for a Heartbreak is an album full of soft and subtle contradictions that equates to some of Weaver’s best work. –Caitlin Santavenere (Don Giovanni,

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