MATCH!, THE, Vol. 3, #6, 10 cents, 17” x 11”, newsprint, 8 pgs.

May 25, 2021

Published in April 1972, this yellowing issue of The Match! addresses the Vietnam War and women’s liberation movement issues of the day with dark humor and a sharp tongue. This anarchist newspaper, in print since 1969 and still around today, gives voice to the concerns and philosophies of its readership, which collectively believe “that all forms of government are wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary,” a theory that appears next to its logo on the front page. This issue is truly a time capsule, with articles like “‘Equal Rights’ Bill to Require Drafting of Women,” “Anti-Draft Dentist Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric ‘Testing,’” and “Draft Enslavement Resumes.” There is also a lengthy profile of Li Pei-kan, who was active in the Chinese anarchist movement. Based on this content, it’s easy to see how The Match! lit the fire under its readers. –Gina Murrell (The Match!, PO Box 3012, Tucson, AZ 85702)