MATCH, THE, #122, Free, 7” x 9½”, printed, 52 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

It’s been a long time since I’ve read such an uneducated, inane publication. While The Match claims to be about anarchism, it’s not any type of anarchism I’m familiar with (and I consider myself a “fellow traveler” for almost twenty years). This publication (which is amazingly typeset and printed in this day and age of computers) features articles and editorials on events from the spring of 2021, which primarily means things regarding the pandemic. Surprisingly, the writers of The Match write that COVID isn’t really that bad, but rather a plot for the government to take further control of our lives. I will be sure and let the millions of people worldwide who died of COVID know that. (I’m sure the writers of the publication will say that’s the government exaggerating the numbers.) Lots of accusations and statements are thrown around with very little (if any) facts to back them up. There’s no mention of supporting other individuals as part of mutual aid or as a society. Instead, this publication seems to twist anarchism into some selfish version of libertarianism where kindness, love, and respect are thrown out the window. Instead, paranoia and selfishness tend to be the ideas here. So, if that’s not enough of a reason not to pick this up, I’ll add in a few more. In this issue I learned: you shouldn’t have to use someone’s preferred pronouns when addressing them, Asians are referred to as Orientals (and Beijing is still referred to as Peking), COVID can transform our DNA, the phrase “PowerPoint slide deck” doesn’t make any sense, COVID contact-tracers and Dr. Anthony Fauci are the same as the cops, and so on. Oh, and because social media companies (which are privately owned) bar people from spreading disinformation about COVID, we might as well be living in the old Soviet Union. Fuck this selfish, fearful, alt-right version of anarchism (if you can even call it that). –Kurt Morris (PO Box 3012, Tucson, AZ 85702)

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