MATCH, THE #115, Summer 2016, 7” x 9½”, copied, 72 pgs.

May 25, 2021

I was already irritated that this was the “Summer 2016” issue and they want a review in 2021. But, sadly, that’s also the least offensive thing about this so-called, “Journal of Ethical Anarchism.” However, that date sure does put things into context. After all, 2016 was also the year Trump was elected, a time when he was holding fascist rallies in sold-out stadiums full of peckerwoods screaming, “BUILD THE WALL!” It was when the alt-right was boldly showing its public face and hate crimes were happening everywhere. Soon the news would be full of stories of family separation and concentration camps. And during this time, what did The Match tackle? Well, one of their writers is really pissed off that the author of a syndicated column called “Ask a Mexican” used the term “gringo.” In January of 2017, the Muslim ban would go into effect; soon white Christians would be holding neo-Nazi torch rallies and committing mass shootings. But in 2016, The Match felt it more important rant about how Muslims are religious extremists. Now I’m not one to say we shouldn’t be critical of fundamentalism, but when Muslim people and families of Muslim people are being banned from travel and neo-Nazis are holding anti-Sharia law rallies spouting the same rhetoric as the author, that says something about you. If that’s not enough, there’s also whining by a guy who wants to discriminate against trans people without consequences and the editor throwing the word “feminazi” around.Yep, The Match was using Rush Limbaugh-coined terms shortly before Trump gave him the Medal of Honor. Well, there you have it. If you want some alt-right in your anarchism, this is the zine for you. –Craven Rock (Oops, seem to have lost the address.)

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