MARTIN: Slaughter Beach: LP

Mar 20, 2018

This record’s sleeve is actually just an old Arab Spring cover turned inside out and hand screen printed on, which is pretty cool in my book. First time I ever saw that done was with RVIVR’s Self-titled LP and I was equally impressed with the resourcefulness and ingenuity. One more thing about the packaging—the lyric sheet gave me a great laugh as I read through titles like “Mind of a Asshole” and “Inside Alone,” realizing pretty fast that they were all Green Day lyrics. That’s an amazing canary in the coalmine. For whatever reason, the other side is a handwritten list of movie titles with tally marks. Oh, and the music you ask? Well that’s pretty good stuff too. Some of the transitions are a bit jarring and go from a solemn piano ballad to pop punk to ‘90s street punk to hardcore. It’s as if they put a bunch of genres in a hat and drew lots to see what would make it on the record. This record apparently was recorded in 2012 but not released till 2017 and the band itself seems to be an enigma. Featuring Pat from Spraynard, there are plentiful and lovely melodies parading throughout the album. Yet they do still venture off the worn pop punk path too. It’s limited to three hundred copies. Pick one up if you’re partial to Spraynard or pretty tunes, not that the two are mutually exclusive. –Kayla Greet (Square Of Opposition,, [email protected])