MARTHA: Love Keeps Kicking: CD

Sep 26, 2019

Confession: I’ve been casually following Martha since the very beginning, but my favorite song of theirs is and always has been the first song of their first EP. There’s been tons of great stuff since then, but at this point I don’t think anything else is ever going to hit me as hard as that one perfect, jangly, Audre Lorde-centric powerpop anthem does. This is just a bittersweet personal truth that I have had to learn to live with. That being said, Love Keeps Kicking RIPS. I don’t know how they keep turning out these sparkling fucking hits, but here they are about a million releases deep, just as jubilant, hyperliterate, and stupidly catchy as ever. Highlights include the prechorus of “Into This,” which The Smiths wish they wrote, the Lovecraftian horror that just bursts out of nowhere in “The Void,” the sweetly self-referential “Lucy Shone a Light on You,” the fiercely buoyant title track… Honestly, I tried to keep track of my favorite songs as I listened to this all the way through for the first time and I just wrote down almost every title. I spent the last seven years thinking this band might have peaked right out the gate, but this might be the record that makes me revisit that assumption. –Indiana Laub (Dirtnap, [email protected], / Big Scary Monsters, [email protected],