Mar 17, 2021

I’ll just own it right away: I’m not a fan of this. The songs feel messy and noisy for noisy’s sake. It’s only two piece—guitar and drums—but the songs are very full. Both members scream throughout many of the songs, and there’s a bunch of distortion pedals being used. It just feels like they’re trying out too many different things at once and it doesn’t really mix well. One of the tracks, “Half Pipe Dreams,” has some ska-like upstrokes, gritty, reverb-heavy distortion, drawn-out screaming, major tempo changes, and a couple of slow breakdowns in a song that’s over four minutes long. There’s a lot going on and none of it is speaking to me. They have a song called “Must Be a Lesbian,” though I can’t understand enough of the lyrics to tell if it’s shitty to the LBGTQIA community. I mean, this band is gonna do it for someone, but that someone is not me. –Kayla Greet (Wise Ass)